Brooke K.

Brooke K, a passionate individual with a zest for life as colorful as the vivid hair shades she loves to create. A 2022 graduate from the Aveda Institute Denver, Brooke has dived headfirst into the world of hairstyling, bringing her artistic flair and love for vibrant colors to her craft.

Off the styling chair, Brooke's heart races for drag racing and cars, finding thrill in the speed and precision of the race. Music is another love that transcends genres, and she's a dedicated concert-goer, always seeking the next live experience to ignite her soul.

At home, Brooke finds solace with her two adorable fur babies – Kevin the cat and Ozzy the dog. Their companionship adds a touch of warmth to her life, creating a haven where she can unwind and recharge.

While she appreciates the convenience of streaming, Brooke's true cinematic love lies in the theater experience. The ambiance, the big screen, and the shared anticipation with an audience make movie-watching a ritual she cherishes.

In the realm of hairstyling, Brooke has a particular fondness for blonding, and believes that everyone should experience the transformative power of a vivid hair color at least once in their lives. She also holds a special place in her heart for dimensional brunettes, showcasing her versatility and appreciation for the artistry of hair.

As Brooke looks to the future, she's excited about the creative challenges that come with her work. Her journey in the beauty industry is not just a career but a canvas where she blends her love for art, speed, music, and furry companions into a unique and vibrant tapestry.Is this conversation helpful so far?


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