Lily, an accomplished hairstylist at Latherhouse, is a passionate and skilled professional in the world of hairdressing. Graduating from the renowned Aveda Institute Denver in March 2022, she specializes in creating exquisite layered haircuts and beautiful blonding techniques.

Originally from a quaint salon in Salida, Lily decided to take her career to new heights in Denver. The city's vibrant atmosphere and diverse clientele provided the perfect backdrop for her growth as a hairstylist. She now resides just outside of downtown Denver, drawing inspiration from the city's dynamic culture and ever-evolving fashion trends.

Beyond her love for hairdressing, Lily is a proud fur parent to three charming cats. They bring an abundance of joy and playfulness to her life, providing companionship during those rare moments of relaxation.

When not crafting stunning hairstyles in the salon, Lily indulges in two of her other great passions: music and culinary exploration. She is an avid concert-goer, always eager to experience live performances and discover emerging artists. Denver's thriving music scene has been an endless source of inspiration. Additionally, Lily is a dedicated food enthusiast, thoroughly enjoying her adventures in exploring the city's culinary offerings, trying out new restaurants, and savoring the diverse flavors Denver has to offer.

Clients can look forward to meeting Lily at Latherhouse, where she is dedicated to helping them achieve their dream hairstyles. Whether it's a fresh layered look or a glamorous blonde transformation, Lily is committed to making it a reality. Join her on this exciting hair journey!

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